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"DTN is a great dance school that offers a wide range of dance classes in modern, well equipped studios. Teachers at the school are extremely talented, dedicated and great role models for our kids. My daughter absolutely loves DTN and spends a great deal of time each week at the studio. I can see what a positive influence it is for her in so many ways, and have recommended DTN to many friends."  Liane (Mum of Josie – 11 years)


"I've been dancing at DTN since I was 4 years old. It's been such a great place to grow up in, learn from and to be surrounded by such positive & wonderful teachers. DTN is like my second home and all of my closest friends are from dancing. Dancing is what I love to do.'' Paris – 15 years.


"I love DTN because my daughter looks forward to her acrobatics class, every week. The teachers and staff are amazing. She has learnt so much over the years and has become so much more confident. She comes home and starts practicing in front of the mirror pretending to be Miss Bec K!" Rita (Mum of Alyssa - 7 years).


''My daughter loves DTN and she can't wait for her days to come. She loves all the teachers & staff - they're all lovely people. She has told all her school friends to come to DTN - the best studio ever. We all trust them and they all trust us.  I love DTN the same like my daughter and I can't wait for my second little one to grow up with DTN like her sister. Best wishes from our hearts.'' Remona (Mum of Liza -  9 years)


''My daughter is now in her third year at Dance Theatre Network. She truly loves it, as much today as her very first class three years ago!!! Miss Jenny's Ballet class is her favourite, a great challenge and rewarding at the same time! Carmellina has learnt so much, and not only about dance at DTN. She has learnt the values of trust, helping and caring, from each of her teachers whom all make her feel she fits in. Belonging to a group where every student is dedicated to doing their best with amazing individual talent is the reason DTN is the highlight of her week!!! The classes are well structured, a lot of fun, run on time with all the newest music important for my pre-teen! Carmellina greatly enjoys performing on the stage, with the end of year concert being the most exciting experience. The Dance Theatre Network concerts give students a focus, a goal to work hard towards. My family and myself share the excitement each year and look forward to being in the audience and see all the hours of technique and practice in the studio over many months come together with creativity and passion to give a breathtaking show not to be missed!!!''  Monica (Mum of Carmellina – 12 years)


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