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Awards and Prizes


We believe that rewards must be earned through hard work and persistence. We try to give our students lots of opportunities to earn awards, prizes and recognition for their hard work however; we do not give trophies simply for participation.

Each year, DTN awards approximately 300 trophies, 120 medals and 50 ribbons to our students spread across various occasions. Despite this, not every child will be recognised every year. We believe that this gives the student something to strive for and that there are valuable lessons to be learned whether they receive an award or not. Both humility and resilience are developed through life’s experiences.


Trophies and Medals can be earned in the following ways:


Presentation Day is held at the end of Term 2 and at this event, an independent judge awards trophies, medals and ribbons for outstanding performances in each class. Approximately 1/3 of each class is given an award for their hard work on this day.  All Pre School students who perform at Presentation Day are awarded a medal for their achievement. Every participant receives a certificate.


At the end of the year, class teachers are asked to award a prize to one student in their class who has consistently worked hard throughout the year.  The selected student receives their trophy in class and a printed acknowledgement in the Concert Program.  All Pre School students will receive a medal for completing the year of classes and for performing in the concert.


Before the concert, teachers are asked to nominate students in each age group who have shown great improvement over the course of the year. Those students with the most nominations in each age group are given the award for most improved in their age group. They are presented with a trophy in class and a printed acknowledgement in the concert program.


Students who are nominated for a class award in every class that they attend each week are given the overall prize for their age group. Recipients of this award are selected because they work to their full potential in every genre and style of class and are recognised in class and also in the concert program. The overall prize in each age group is an achievement at an extremely high level.


At the end of each year, students are recognised for their outstanding commitment to performing arts. These students are rewarded when they have participated in classes and concerts continuously for 10 or 15 years. 



Junior Student of the Year

The Junior Student of the year prize is awarded at the end of year concert any student in Year 5 or younger. This prize originated in 2002, in memory of Beth Robins  (Jenny Kay’s mother and Bec Kay’s grandma). Beth was the ‘Grandma’ to all of the students in the school, she never missed a class, event or performance and she loved to watch children who showed a great love for dance both in class and on stage. 

Senior Student of the Year

The Senior Student of the Year prize is also awarded at the end of year concert. This prize originated in 1995, in memory of Brian Kay (Jenny Kay’s husband and Bec Kay’s father) and was inaugurated to celebrate the talent, commitment and leadership of an outstanding student in the senior school.

Student of the Year (both Senior and Junior) must display the following qualities.

  • a genuine and radiating love of performing arts.

  • an unwavering commitment to their dance classes and dance teams.

  • a record of working hard in every class.

  • an ability to accept and apply corrections.

  • a demonstrated respect for their teachers.

  • a readiness to take on challenges and take risks to achieve self-improvement.

  • an exemplary work ethic.

  • a record of outstanding performances at every opportunity.

  • a great role model for peers and younger students.

  • a positive and energetic attitude towards Dance Theatre Network.


Selection Method

All staff members who work in classes with the specified age group (Junior/Senior) are asked to rank 3 students who embody the quality in each of the criteria above – a total of 10 categories for voting. The rankings are given points (rank 1=3 points, rank 2 = 2 points and rank 3=1 point) and the results are tallied. The student with the highest number of points is awarded Student of the Year.

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