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Our Classes


At DTN we offer a wide variety of classes in dance and performing arts to suit every age and ability. By offering such a large range of classes, we aim to expose our students to as many genres as posible, providing a wholistic experience with dance and performing arts. Browse through our class descriptions for information on which classes might suit your young performer, and please get in touch with our friendly staff if you have any questions.



Acrobatics is similar to the floor work as seen in the sport of gymnastics; it involves handstands, cartwheels and tumbling. It is important for all students to remember that in order to achieve harder tricks, they must first master the basics and be able to perform them consistently. Hard work and determination are very important tools for any dance style, but particularly acrobatics


Contemporary is a technical class that explores ease of movement through natural alignment of the body. At Dance Theatre Network, this class is based on the assumption that students have already developed VERY strong classical technique.



Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance. We teach R.A.D (Royal Academy of Dance) ballet grades and vocational syllabus.  The skills gained from ballet classes gives the student correct technique to assist them in all forms of dance with a strong emphasis on posture and discipline.


Hip Hop

Hip Hop classes at DTN are made up of a combination of different Hip Hop styles including; street funk, R&B, pop, locking, and old school.  Students in the Hip Hop classes are challenged in a number of different dance and music styles throughout the year.



Our jazz classes are based heavily on technique and students learn all styles of jazz dance throughout the year. In the classes, students learn jazz tricks, turns, steps and routines that are appropriate for their age. The class involves stretching, progression work and a routine to finish the lesson.


Group Singing

Students will learn vocal technique as well as studying all different styles of songs.  Singing is a very important skill for those who are considering a career in performing arts.



Tap is a fun style of dance that anyone can learn, regardless of previous dance experience. It involves special shoes that have metal plates on the soles and students are taught how to make percussive sounds using their feet and ankles while developing their rhythm and timing.


Musical Theatre

This class is a combination of singing/acting/basic dance movement. Students will learn how to express personality through the combination of these 3 elements of performance. 


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