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  • Holds a Certificate IV in Performing Arts from both Brent Street and Dynamite.

  • Worked in children's entertainment and television for 8 years.

  • Is currently completing a Diploma of Dance Teaching and Management.

  • Mother of one son, Brody (7 years).


Fun fact: Miss Bec once played "Bob the Builder" in the National Tour of ABC kids live show.


"Teaching Performing Arts is a very rewarding job and I am so blessed to have been born into this business. Seeing personal growth in students and being a part of their life as they grow up really is a special gift."



  • Jenny started The “Jenny Kay School of Dancing” (now DTN) in 1979 in a Scout Hall in Kingsgrove.

  • Her childhood training was with Jean & Beverley Osborn, both very respected dancers in Lakemba, Sydney.

  • After winning an overseas scholarship, she travelled to England where she trained at the Royal Academy of Dance then went to France, training full time at Rosella Hightower’s School in Cannes.

  • On returning to Australia she worked professionally, dancing with headlining acts from overseas at a variety of the dinner theatre shows in Sydney.

  • She is a registered Royal Academy of Dance teacher and is also a Practical Teaching Supervisor which involves her training and examining prospective ballet teachers for the Academy.


FUN FACT: Miss Jenny didn’t start dancing until she was 11 years old!!




  • Started dance training at Dance Theatre Network in 1986 at the age of 4.

  • Completed a diploma in Make Up Artistry in 2003.

  • Mother of two beautiful daughters, Amahlia and Sienna.


Fun Fact: Miss Rach has had more training in Ballet then Hip hop, in fact Rachael is a self-taught hip hop dancer!


"I love DTN. It’s a great friendly place to learn dance and it is like my second family. Teaching allows me to share my passion of dance with each student. I love watching each student improve with hard work and grow into such wonderful dancers and young confident people."



  • Trained at Dance Theatre Network since the age of 7.

  • Holds a Certificate IV in Performing Arts from Urban Dance Centre and Ev & Bow Full Time Dance Training Centre.

  • Has worked for various Australian choreographers and companies such as Sarah Boulter, Paulina Quinteros and Locreado Dance Company, both around Australia as well as internationally.


Fun Fact: Miss Bec once danced alongside M.C. HAMMER!


“I absolutely love teaching at DTN. It is the highlight of my day seeing the confidence and joy on the students faces. A place where children can see what love, determination and hard work can achieve.”


Latiesha Stefanou - HIP HOP, TAP and READY, SET...DANCE


  • Latiesha began dancing at Dance Theatre Network at the age of 8 in 2005. She started teaching in 2011. 

  • Graduated from Oatley Senior Campus and was awarded Senior Dancer of the Year in 2014.

  • She has been trained in Jazz, Tap, Hip Hop, Contemporary, Ballet, Theatrical, Acting and Singing. Her favourite styles include: Hip Hop, Tap and Theatrical.

  • Completed her Bachelor Degree in Early Childhood and Primary Education at Australian Catholic University and is currently working as a Primary School Teacher.

  • Has previously worked in retail, out of school hours care and currently has her own small business personalising items. 

  • She also loves to attend open dance classes in her spare time.


Fun Fact: Miss Latiesha has worked in many shopping centres dancing as a "Jingle Bellie" during Christmas Time.


“I absolutely love being at DTN! It's my favourite place to be. Everyone is always so friendly and happy which makes me feel the same. I have acquired so much knowledge dancing at DTN and can't wait to continue to pass that onto the younger students through teaching.”




  • Started dance training at DTN in 2003.

  • Represented DTN as a Crew member since 2006. 

  • Went to Thailand in 2014 for a Student Leadership Immersion Program. 

  • Completed the HSC and graduated from St Ursula's College in 2015. 

  • Taught CGSSSA Tap at St Ursula's College in 2017, leading the team to victory! 

  • Completed a double degree in Psychology and Primary Education at Macquarie University and is currently working as a Primary School Teacher. 


Fun Fact: Miss Bec has performed on many international stages around the world, including 3 different Disney Theme Parks (Hong Kong, Florida and LA)! 


"How lucky am I to call DTN my second home?!...I have absolutely loved growing up at DTN. I definitely wouldn't change a thing, and to have the privilege to assist in classes is incredible!"


Alyssa Pulvirenti - ACROBATICS 

  • Started dancing at DTN in 2005.

  • Performed with Locreado Dance Company for 3 Sydney Seasons and 1 Melbourne Season.

  • Performed in FAME the Musical.

  • Currently studying A Bachelor of Business and Creative Intelligence at UTS.

Fun Fact: Miss Alyssa was in a mini series in 2010 on ABC called the “Murder in the boot”

“Singing and dancing makes me who I am, performing is such a privilege as it allows me to be free. I’m so grateful that DTN gives me the opportunity to share my passion to all the beautiful students. DTN is not just a place to dance, but a place to learn grow and express yourself however you wish. I love teaching because I am able to help the students unlock their potential, their passion, inspire them to have fun and live their dreams no matter how crazy they may seem.” 




  • Andriana has been dancing at DTN  since she was 3 years of age . She loves all forms of dance.

  • Has toured the USA with DTN in 2016 and performed at Universal Studios and Disneyland.

  • Performed as a cheerleader for Pro Cheer Australia at the wheelchair rugby competition.

Fun Fact: Miss Andriana was on the children's game show FLUSHED which aired on TV  in 2015

"I enjoy working with children and I love teaching them to dance. When they eventually achieve something that they have been practicing, it is magical to watch the joy and happiness on their faces. Knowing that I have contributed to that joy makes me happy."


Stephanie Alberici - HIP HOP, ACRO and  JAZZ


  • Began dancing at Dance Theatre Network in 2007. 

  • Performed with Locreado Dance Company for 2 seasons.

  • Is currently training at Ettingshausens PRO full time course. 

  • Performed for Pro Cheer Australia in the NSW Sydney Swifts Netball Team and Sydney Kings Basketball Team. 

  • Choreographer and dancer for Tony Avati’s music video headed by Mick Jones

Fun Fact: Miss Steph was a guest on Nickelodeon’s “All for Kids” Show which aired on TV in 2006.

“Being apart of the DTN team continues to be an incredible journey. It is one of my favourite places to be because it’s like and a second home, that allows each individual to grow by the extensive amount of support from peers and teachers who grow to be family. Without dance I would be incomplete because it has helped me to become the person I am today”


Tia Breen - JAZZ, ACRO and READY, SET... DANCE


  • Has been dancing at DTN since the age of 7. 

  • Was a cheerleader for Pro Cheer Australia for the NSW Sydney Swifts Netball Team, Invictus Games and Wheel Chair World Rugby.

  • Is currently studying a double degree of psychology and cognitive brain science at Macquarie University. 

Fun Fact: Miss Tia has played a game of indoor soccer with Guy Sebastian!

“DTN has always been a second home to me. From when I was a student to even now as a teacher. Being able to create and share with my students the same environment and feeling that I loved and cherished as a kid, is truly an amazing feeling. DTN is an incredible place for children to grow and flourish as dancers and as individuals”


Rachelle Dagher - Ballet and READY, SET... DANCE


  • Started dancing at Dance Theatre Network in 2012.

  • Currently studying a bachelor of Speech Pathology at the University of Sydney.

  • Represented St Charbel’s College at the SCC dance competition for 5 years.

  • Performed with DTN at the Dance Studio Spectacular in 2015.

Fun Fact: Miss Rachelle was one of the 8 students selected in the state to attend the 2019 NSW Business Chamber Luncheon.

“DTN has truly provided me with the opportunity to create friendships unlike others. I am so grateful to be part of such a supportive and positive team who ensure each child’s experience is special. I love teaching at DTN because it allows me to share my passion for dance and watch students grow throughout their journey. DTN has taught me more than just dancing. It has helped me develop life skills which I will carry with me forever.”




  • Miss Billie has been dancing since the age of 2 years old at DTN.

  • Currently completing a bachelors double degree in Commerce and Business Administration.

  • Has toured Asia (2010) and the USA (2012 & 2016) performing at Disneyland and Universal Studios with DTN.

Fun Fact: Miss Billie once met and spoke to Perry from little mix.

“DTN has always been the place to be. It has held a special place in my heart since I began dancing. It truely enforces the meaning of friendship, dedication and teamwork. I grew up at DTN and I am truely so lucky to watch future generations of students work hard and achieve their goals. Dance Theatre Network is my second home.”


Anastasia Haikalis - Hip Hop and READY, SET


  • Miss Anastasia has been dancing at DTN since the age of 3. 

  • Currently completing her full time training at Brent street in the year of 2023 and 2024 for a diploma in Musical Theatre.

  • Is a triple threat and is trained in all areas of dancing, singing and acting

Fun Fact: Miss Anastasia has Played the lead role of Dorothy in the musical the wizard of oz in her high school production

“ I LOVE teaching at DTN! I always looked up to my teachers growing up, so being a teacher to me means that I am able to have a positive impact on my students by creating a safe place for students to be able to have a confident and fulfilling dance life that teaches them to be determined and work hard.” 

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